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electrolux oven model eob 5630 x keeps going off ?

electrolux oven model 5630 x
pnc 944 182 598
ser no 33862 335
typ 91 ahb 01 gd
240v 3.0 kw

problem is that oven works for approx 30 mins then oven/fan also the light inside oven goes off,after about 15 mins it will work again for a while i looked on top of oven and found in wiring loom what 1st looked like a connector but found it to be a flat strip of metal with a white cable coming from the rotary switch on left side also close to it there is i think 3 blue cables which ends looked burnt there was no bare copper showing so a bit dubious i am thinking is this a resistor or thermal cut out. hopefully if anyone can come up with a answer to the problem i can buy part that is required.I am a electrician but not familiar with these ovens it would help if there was a circuit diagram supplied.I await a reply from somebody thank you

mr m mason
March 2011
the bit you describe is the bit that turns the cooling fan on and is why your oven is cutting out and over heating.replace that bit should sort your problem.They are about £35 from what I remember

March 2011

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