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where do u put the oil, in 2hp marina outboard motor?

i had to take motor for repair as the propeller was jamed, the guy pulled it apart and soaked it to clean it , he said to me u need a rubber ring ,or just keep up with the oil after each use of motor , this guy has now moved , as im still not sure what he means .of where to put oil , all so can u advise if i use 2stroke petrol for this motor as when i last used it ,it was running to rich to much smoke

March 2011
I would think, that the oil would be for the Propeller gear box. At some point on the unit a bit above where the prop is, you should find, on the side a large screw. If you undo this, it would give you access to the gearbox oil tank. (There might be one lower down, below where the prop is, that is for draining the oil.)Fill the tank with suitable gearbox oil, to the point of it flowing out. refit screw. On 2 stroke, too much oil in the mixture would give smoke, Try and google the model No, etc. You will find some info as to correct amount of oil to add to the petrol. Failure to add oil to petrol on a 2 stroke, will eventually sieze the engine. ratio of oil can vary, 50 or 100 to 1 can be used, depending on unit, But google it to find out.

March 2011


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