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BT Studio 3500 base problem?

Base has started constantly playing 'you have no messages' or 'you have no new messages'. Have tried resetting the phone using the handset as the base buttons are non-responsive. Previously had a problem with the same phone base constantly beeping, resolved this by changing the default alarm settings. Have tried disconnecting from and reconnecting to mains and switching answerphone options on/off via the handset.

Studio 3500 victim
February 2011
The status indicator light keeps flashing even though the handset is not in use:
I had this problem. 4 handsets and none of them were in use. There was also an icon indicating a message had been left, but on the base station there were no messages at all. Several weeks previously we had changed our line rental and broadband to the Post Office and we did not realise that they operated a voicemail service. The flashing light was telling us we had new messages that we hadn't listened to. I dialled 1571 and found 8 messages going back weeks. I listened to and deleted all of them and the light stopped flashing.

June 2017
The status indicator light keeps flashing even though the handset is not in use

Linda Clarke
February 2017
just to let people know I have the same problem as the continuing beep red light flashing but the reset did not work for me so unplugged phone from main & put into bin

June 2012
I have the same problem. Have you found out how to fix it yet?

June 2011


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