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Permanent engaged tone on BT Studio 1100 handset?

Unable to answer any calls on one of the handsets and on the same handset permanent engaged tone when trying to make an external call - No dialing tone etc. Phone is a BT Studio 1100.

David G
January 2011
You've probably bought a new phone by now but I had the same problem.

First I reset the main handset by holding down the R button (bottom left) until the phone turns off. Remove the batteries. When putting the batteries back in hold down the * button. Default should come up, press tick and enter the pin. On the base hold the page button until it beeps and the handset should register. Then go into the menu - setup - pin code. Change the pin and it should work fine.

March 2012
Use the "Reset if you have forgotten your PIN code" instructions.

August 2011

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