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ASKO 10625 Front Loader Washing Machine?

Hi, I have this most faithful Washing Machine that was possibly overloaded in the wash cycle yesterday with clothes that get very heavy when soaked. At the end of the wash, I found that the clothes were still soaking wet. I managed to open the machine and extract 2/3rd of the clothes and tried a spin. The machine would not spin. I tried the one rinse and spin cycle..this was not a success either. I opened the back to see if the belt was broken or had slipped but the belt was there as good as new. With back open, I tried the spin once again. The machine went through the pumping action but did not spin at all and the motor / belt were not spinning etc. I have drained the pump, cleaned the plug of all debris etc. Cannot think of anything else. I would love to have it going again. Can anyone help? Are there any reset buttons or is it too late to fix my beloved machine.

Hari Sreedhar
January 2011
Hi there
I have just had exactly same thing happen to my machine. Did you come up with a solution?

Mumma Bear
October 2011

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