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sluggish automatic gearbox volkswagen passat 1.9tdi?

hi i have a volkswagen passat when i start the car it feels like its in nutral after a few revs goes in to drive. when pulling away from standing it jerks and jumps and is slow to pick sometimes doesn't change down through the gears. any advice on what the problem could be or how to solve it would be greattfully recieved.

January 2011
more info required year/ speeds. Sluggish take up is normally low ATF will improve as it warms up. If its a 4 speed brake signal could be on or even the filter detached from the valve block. 4 speed also suffers with Transmission control module. A bad battery could also give rise to problems. If plugged into diagnostics may come up with no fault found. Look at live data for brake signal etc. for specialist

January 2011
if its a multitronic box you couldtry replacing oil and filter first but have it code readas well for faults as thistype of box gives loads of problems !

January 2011
Transmission oil or very expensive autobox repair required

January 2011


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