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How can you clean a silver chain?

My wife has two silver chains (close linked thin necklaces) - both have become "tarnished"
Any ideas on how to clean them? Is there a simple way rather than paying a professional?
Thanks in advance

Dave the rave
December 2010
or,put it in a jeweller shop he will put it in an ultrasonic bath for a small fee ,it use ssound waves to clean years of grime or you can buy the unit fior around £30.00 of the internet

August 2013
Put tin foil in glass dish/tray shiny side up, then place chain the chain on the foil followed by a generous sprinkle of baking soda. Boil water in kettle.
Pour boiling water over the chain covering chain completely. Allow to soak for three mins then using tongs turn chain over to ensure clean both sides leave for two minutes. Remove then clean with ‘lint free’ cloth, best is cotton cloth..
I think cleaner than using cola

February 2011
Soak them in Cola,wash in warm soapy water and dry.

December 2010


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