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how can i fix my pearl earring which separated from the setting.Glue from t?

how can i repair my pearl earring which has separated from the setting

August 2009
Dear Sam.

Not sure what you mean at the end " Glue from t "
if the setting is like a disc/plate see `(`
or a peg then see `-`

First check both the setting and the pearl for evidence of existing glue on them?
also check pearl incase peg has broken of and still in pearl/stone.
if glue was used then do as follows....

`(` {= curved disc type setting}
` - ` {= peg}
`O` {=pearl}

1. try to `pick old glue from pearl {it may be loose enough}.
2. use a light emeryboard, very light strokes across existing glue to roughen the surface,
if glue has been removed then carefully on a small part of the pearl where you intend it to be glued and hidden.... Or at the position of hole if present?
3. remove old glue from setting... {you may need to use a small penknife or other sharp instrument} to pick out or scrape out glue from setting. Then roughen surface of setting or peg.
If there are other pearls nearby, they may be also loose and come off...better that this happens now rather than later on. if so repeat step 2 with them.
4. Prepare/mix a very small amount of glue on a piece of plastic/card or glass....{Personaly I use araldite for this kind of work, it tends to be better than the glue originaly used}.
5. using a small pin/nail/or other tapered impliment... apply a small amount of glue to the middle of the inside of the disc `(` or on the peg `-`
{approximately 1/3rd inside of disc should be filled with the glue}
6. With the setting/disc/peg held upwards, place pearl
{with its roughened side downward}, down onto the inside of disc so that roughened side is hidden, or into the peg if there is a hole in the pearl.
(- < place pearl < onto ( or - or (-. Depending on type of setting.
7. check for any excess glue and wipe of carefully if able.

8. Place on suitable surface....perhaps using something like bluetack to hold earing/setting steady and in position until glue has set.

I hope the attempt at explaining the above method in writing will be clear enough to follow.

Journeyman Jeweller
August 2009


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