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Regal K6761 Breadmaker- Rubber Part Crumbled?

After a few years in the closet, I decided to pull the bread machine out to bake some breads for the holidays. I did a test (just threw in some ingredients to make sure the machanics were working). I tried a box bread mix, followed the instructions ( set it on "wheat"), and it seemed to be working okay until about an hour into the process, when it made rather unusual noise. Upon inspection I noticed a dusting of some dark grayish-olive green specs that looked like the bread crumbs that accumulate at the the bottom of a toaster. Although the machine went through the entire baking process without further incident, the bread did not rise and turned out poorly (although it didn't taste bad). After it cooled, I turned over the machine and lots more of this crumbiling material came out from the bottom of the machine. It felt sort of like rubber(?). So I suspect that some rubber mechanism has dried out and crumbled. Can this part be replaced and is it still available, or is it more cost effective to purchase a newer model? It is a Regal KitchenPro. Thanks.

December 2010
if it's just the belt give Solent Tools a try 023 80578057 or They may need the old belt as a sample.

January 2011


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