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Can I repair my Regal Breadmaker #K6745S?

I have a Regal Kitchen Pro Collection Breadmaker, model #K6745S. During a baking cycle, the machine shut down. There was no noise or "burning motor" smell, but since it shut down, it will not even beep and flash when it is plugged in. There is no response at all when it is plugged in, now. Is this something that can be fixed? A fuse that needs replaced, or perhaps a replacement part? I spoke with the company's service department, and they no longer sell or service bread machines. I appreciate any information you may have on how I might fix or obtain necessary replacement parts.
Thank you.

October 2010
That sounds like a fatal error. recommend replacement of machine
September 2011
This has happened to my Morphy Richards fastbake breadmaker. They no longer make the model I have either. With Tesco selling breadmakers at around £40 - and having checked the fuse on other appliance, the socket too and made sure the plug is connected properly, I have the feeling that you and I are in possesion of machines beyond economic repair. Just going to have a look on eBay in case I can sell it for spares!

May 2011

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