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should I be driving my car like this ?

my land rover freelander y reg is automatic and has started to lurch when driving as if it is struggling to change gears. Any ideas if this is a big problem or what it might be please?

October 2010
Common faults are solenoid(s) not performing correctly or speed sensor fault. Can be verified by road test with scan tool looking at live data. If there is no slipping it is unlikely to be an oil level low condition. For specialist

October 2010
sounds like you have lost some of your auto transmisson fluid,look for any leaks and repair.fill with correct type/amount of fluid, start car and keeping your brakes ON and go though all your gears, to allow fluid to settle. this should cure your problem, if not go to auto transmisson techie, but repairs to auto boxes are expensive. Good Luck.

hope it helps
October 2010

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