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my computer is infected with viruses what can I do?

I need to knowing how can I get rid of these viruses that I have in my computer I have adult porm viruses torjan spyware etc. I can't afford to pay for a viruses kit tell me what can I do that would be efective.

August 2010
After you have scanned with AVG, download and install Spybot Search & Destroy. Have it do a full scan of your system.

It will remove some other treats that antivirus don't remove. Normaly, spywares are not concidered as a virus.

You can also try Avast, another free antivirus.
Just make sure that you don't have more than one anti virus running at the same time. Set 1 to start with windows and start the other manualy ONLY.

April 2011
Download Grisoft AVG for free and run that,save your eyesight now.

August 2010

Follow this step by step.. It should work.

August 2010

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