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Is it the element that has gone in my dualit kettle?

After a power cut in my home my dualit kettle wouldn't work although it had been boiling before the 'cut'. The light still comes on but nothing happens! Could it be the element? I hope not after reading the comments on this site!

July 2010
If it is the element and if your kettle is over 12 months old throw it into the bin as Dualit are unable to repair kettle. I know because the element failed on mine , I sent it to Dualit who confirmed the fault and offered me discount off a new kettle but only if purchased from them !! The kettle had been used for 10 months max. I think dualit kettles are expensive rubbish as is their customer service.

Sophie H.
July 2010
If the light comes on and the kettle does not heat up then there's a 1% chance that it's not the element and a 99% chance that it is - however it's a 100% certain that your kettle is defective - I don't know this model but would guess that you need a new kettle - is it under warranty perhaps?

July 2010


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