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How can I fix "A-tr" error on my vcr/vhs?

I've got an LG LV720 and wanted to record some of me old vhs's onto my digibox, and then put them on DVD afterwards. I've got an old MY TV video that I want to copy onto the digibox, however when I put it in the VCR, the VCR says PLAY, then "A-tr" flashes up on the display, then it just shows --.-- When I try and rewind the video, the display will say REW, then back to --.--, as if it's not bothering. No numbers counting down or anyhting. When I take the VHS back out, the tape hasn't really rewound.
I don't know the age difference between the VHS and VCR, this VHS was found at my Grandmothers a few years back so we could be talking anything! I would be grateful to know if age was a factor.
Any help appreciated greatly
Thanks all

June 2010
A-TR - auto tracking

You can cancel auto tracking by adjusting the tracking manually via remote.
The tape may be poorly recorded or just old.

April 2013
Hi, I have got the same problem. Did you get any answer?

April 2011

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