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How do I shorten a new chain for my homelite csp3314?

I have a new chain for my csp 3314 but it's too long. How do I shorten it, I can't find a removeable link?

Simon Roper
May 2010
Go to B&Q for a new chain
part number CH052 (barcode 3300534)

or call ALM Manufacturing 01423 797208 for other stockists

May 2010
Quite right, they are endless chains, so you would need a breaker, new pre set tie straps, and a riveter, take it back and exhange it for the correct length

Husqvarna man
May 2010
are you insane?

do not shorten a chain without the correct tooling and knowledge.

buy the correct size in future

May 2010


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