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Can I stop one of my radiators filling with air?

One of my radiators (bathroom) fills with air. I know that the lowest one on the system will normally catch the air in the heating system and that occasionally it is necessary to bleed this radiator. My bathroom radiator traps quite a lot of air and needs bleeding quite frequently. (Once a week.) Is this normal? Is there anything I can do to stop so much air getting into my heating system?

Mr. Rochester
February 2004
Check that the water is not pumping over the vent in the small header tank as this can introduce air into the water. This is sometimes caused by having the pump speed set too high. If this is o/k the air may actually be a build up of gas due to not having any inhibitor in the system. Drain the system and refill along with some Fernox.

November 2004
who told you that?
Do you still have the problem?
What sort of system do you have is it a solid feul,stand alone boiler for the central heaing or does it do your hot water as well?

June 2004

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