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where can I find a manuel for a BT Rapport 20+ phone/answering machine?

I have lost my manual for a BT Rapport 20+ phone/answering
machine where could I get one

February 2010
Hi June, thank you, sorry but I have not logged in for a while so I did not realise that I had an answer, the machine has is almost new but has been in storage for a long time, now when I put the tape in it does not move, or it if it does answer it plays incomming instead of the out going recorded message, and mostly it does not pick up at all. I have not been able to read a manual to see if I am setting it up the correct way, in fact I do not know how to set it up any longer and am purely guessing, Yes Please! I would appreciate your sending me a copy of the manual.
My address is Mary flat 66, 79 Newman Street London W1T 3ER.

Thank you

April 2010

I have a manual for BT Rapport 20 plus. Tell me what you want to know? I'm away for the weekend but could possible copy it and send it to you next week sometime. If you just want a question answered ask me...otherwise give me your address and I'll post it.


February 2010

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