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How do I fix BT Studio 1100?

The problem is I can't answer/make calls on the phone. There is a flashing message on screen that says: "BASE 1" and every time I try to make/answer a call it bleeps. We have tried to replace batteries as per instructions but we have also lost our manual. A rapid response would be much appreciated, Thank you.

January 2010
Hi Daphne, we just had the exact same problem. I phoned the helpline this morning - now 0800 1456789, and they told me to simply turn off/unplug the power at the main base unit. When we turned it back on - voila- all handsets now showing 'studio'. Apparently its just not sending the signal clearly to the handsets. Hope this works - its really irritating not having a phone isnt it? (You can also download the manual from various websites if you Google BT Studio 1100 - but it didn't actually address this particular problem!)

January 2010

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