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how to load film and rewind?

I have a Kodak 35mm 1/8 33 mm EXTANAR lens KB2O camera and what i need to know is how to load and rewind the camera. I've lost the instructions. The camera is only a couple of years old. Thanks

Regina Young
April 2006
You can download a PDF manual for your camera from the Kodak website:

See page 9 for film loading, and page 18 for rewinding information.

July 2007
At the back of the main body will be a slide button that opens the back. Here you should be able to load the film and take all the shots you like. Once finished, there is a button underneath the main body which you need to hold in which using the rewind lever.

Of course if the camera has an automatic rewind and load, then this is pretty useless to you.

April 2006


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