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siemens tumble dryer?

"I HAVE A SIEMENS TUMBLE DRYER E46 38 . The empty water light flashes even though the condenser is empty and the dryer stops flashing the empty water.

January 2010
Re: Siemens Tumbler E46-30

The washload is still moist after a drying cycle of one hour. I have removed the lint.

How can this problem be fixed?

November 2013
the door handle has just broken off my siemens tumble dryer , how do I get the door to open ?

February 2010
My machine has exactly the same fault - seems like a common failure, but how tofix it?

January 2010
yeh i just bought one, brand new, same fault! no water in the container, even connected the pipe at back into drain, no success.. Also seems to be water in unit behind heat exchanger which can be removed..

January 2010
I have exactly the same fault on the same machine! Has anyone replied to you yet? In my drier the water is collecting in the base at the very back.

January 2010


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