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ferroli domicompact F30 B boiler not working?

I have a ferroli domicompact F30 B boiler but it will not work all I did was turn off the power to kitchen plugs at fuse box now boiler will not come on the timer has power and is working I hvave 1 bar pressure b ut lcd display on boiler is not on .
I have changed fuse but stil no hot water or heating ???
Can anyone help ?

December 2009
Hi iv got a f30b ferroli and the water gose hot and cold but noticed the heating wont go off so when I go out iv got to pull the mains from the pump or it will run all the time and when the heating switch is off

January 2015
i have loads of spares mate

January 2010
hot water going hot and cold i have changed thermistor

January 2010
either the fuse(s) has gone on the pcb or the pcb needs replacing.

December 2009
possibly internal fuses may have blown.. see manual for rating and location.. also check electric polarity into boiler (configaration of live/neutral/earth. sometime pcb's wont work with reverse polarity.

December 2009


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