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BT freestyle 2500 keeps beeping how do i stop it?

One of our handsets keeps beeping two beeps followed a few mins later by a single beep, and keeps repeating, I have changed the batteries, but it made no difference its driving my nuts,
Can anyone help???PLEASE

Janet S
October 2009
... sorry, just realised I said: I pressed the Bell icon, which is also the (*) button and clr button, but actually I should've said I pressed the (*) button and THEN the clr button - ie. one after the other and not at the same time.

I also said I have a BT Freestyle 25000 2 x cordless phone - it's actualy 2500 (the extra 0 was a typo).


July 2010
I don't know if this works yet, but it hasn't beeped for 10 mins now... so fingers crossed.

I changed the battery on the handset of the phone that was beeping, but it kept on doing it. Then for a reason unknown to me, I pressed the BELL icon on the bottom left of the phone the star (*) button and clr button and it hasn't done it since... yet.

As I said, fingers crossed. My phone is a BT Freestyle 25000 2 x cordless phone.

July 2010

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