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ford transit 2007 losing power?

i have a ford transit 2007 115 / 280 and a round cog light comes on and the van loses all power you then have to turn off the ignition and turn back on again but this does not always work have had van back to main dealer but they cant detect fault and problem is usually when you go over 3000 revs the light comes on and you lose power

October 2009
i have the same problem and have had mine diagnostic checked at ford and the problem stems back ultimatly to the fuel injection pump.when the light comes on your engine management system goes into limp mode and although your engine still runs enabling you still to drive the vehicle slowly you do lose top end revs-- there are various things that technicians can try before ultimatly changing the pump itself but the fact usually means you will need a new fuel injection pump sometime soon and all the other things just add to the cost and may not cure.-cost of new from ford is £1600 but a good fuel injection specialists can do the job for £600-£800 with a refurb unit. it is a specialist job in a nightmare to get at position so unless your a very good mechnic leave it to the specialists who have the tools, facilities, and test equipment to put it right quickly and with like for like parts as these can vairy greatly even on similar vehicles

October 2011

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