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BT XD5500 Cordless phone?

How can i stop this phone beeping for no apparent reason. It appears to be a problem with the base unit.
Batteries in the phone itself have been changed.

David Ingram
July 2009
A beeping BT Freelance XD550 base means the base is faulty and you need to buy a replacement.

You can buy a replacement BT Freelance XD5500 base from sellers on eBay for £3.99 for the base and £3.99 postage & packing..

Upon purchase you need to reset the base by following the instructions below:-

BT Freelance XD 5500

Resetting the base & handset/s on a BT Freelance XD5500:

Hold the Find button on the base unit until you get a double beep then
tap the Find button 7 times.
On the handset:
remove a battery
hold the menu key and refit the battery
screen says SW VERSION
press up arrow key until screen shows REGISTER CLEAR
press menu
press menu again and wait for OK to appear
remove a battery and refit

Registering the XD5500 handset.
Then register the handset to the base as follows:
Hold Find button on base unit until you get two beeps
On handset:
Press menu
Scroll to register
Press menu
Scroll to Register Base
Press menu
Press 1
When it says PIN ? Enter 0 0 0 0 (four zeros) and press menu.

If you have more than one handset then repeat registering the handset to the base for each subsequent handset/phone.

If this procedure fails to solve the issue, then you have a unit with a fault and if it is less than a year since purchase the retailer should change it for you.

November 2009
I guess - based on personal experience with several other cordless 'phones.

When the handset is palced in its cradle position the system gives a beep - if the handset makes intermittent contact with the electrical charging connections every time the connection becomes good again a beep will happen - it might just be dirty or poor connections of the handset - the handset not being able to sit properly in the base unit - vibration. You will not hear a beep when the handset connections become bad - only when they come good again.

July 2009

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