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Cuisinart DLC-8 workbowl side piece?

My workbowl side piece that has the plunger, spring and guides came apart. There is a plastic piece that hold the plunger and spring in place and it fits into the sleve properly but I don't know what holds the bottom plastic piece in place. Did I lose a part or is it just glued in?

Joe Gilbert
July 2009
I've had it happen to me too. You probably have a small crack in the workbowl. There are small tits that are on the "small plastic piece" that snap into place on the workbowl, but when it cracks, it won't hold.

You need to use "gorilla glue" to hold it in place. Be sure to clamp well after inserting because the spring puts pressure on the "small plastic piece". LET SIT 24 hours after clamping.

August 2009

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