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what fuse on my peugeot 205 gti do i remove to stop my central locking work?

what is the easiest way to stop the central locking working on my 1992 peugeot 205 gti what fuse should i remove

chris edwards
September 2004
there is normaly an auxilary red cable on the battery lead
a thin red one just cut it but you wont have an alarm ether

December 2004
if the central lockin is operated by ur alarm system, it would b fuses on the actual alarm unit. not the car. so trace all the wires thorough ur alarm to find the fuses, 1 by 1 take a fuse out, see if the cent lockin still works. if a fuse is taken out and locking still works, place it bak and try another

if u do not hav an alarm, use the same method on ur fuse box

November 2004

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