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How can I repair a Sweda model 46 cash register?

I have a Sweds model 46 cash register made in 1967, and it stopped working. I bought it 21 years ago and it has never had a problem. Does anyone have a repair manual?

Nick Apex
May 2009
Marv, are you still available at the numbers you have above? I have an old 46 from my Fathers hardware store that has jammed and I just can't figure it out. I don't think it's gummy oil as I cannot turn the knob where the handle would go with pliers. I have a few questions.
Andy. 587-7758-775

April 2015
Thanks Marv, for your friendly and knowlegable advice for my Sweda. Turns out, after all, it was only the without an operators manual.

January 2012
If you can tell me what kind of a problem you are having I can help you.
I have been repairing these sweda's for a long long time. Marv. cell #608-835-7880

March 2011
Most problems with the old model 46 register comes from not using them. The oiled parts can get very sticky and the register will jam.
I have 50 years experience repairing this register and have many parts,keys, etc.
If I can answer any questions you may have in regards to your register you can contact me
Thanks, Marv

marv 608-516-6313
January 2011
Hi I have knolege on this you can contact me at kiddroc at live dot com

February 2010


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