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Big eletrical problem - Citroen Berlingo?

No wipers, indicators, dash stuff, windows, rear screen heater and central locking.
I think I need a new CPU. How do I fit one of those?

Ian Cameron.
November 2005
I have a 57 plate Berlingo van lpg ignition lights stop on won't start turns over head light on take key out ignition stops on

June 2016
When I press the horn when no key in ignition the horn works, but when I put key into ignition and start engine the horn don't work, Citroen Berlingo multispace 2 litre diesel please help.

George Bennett
September 2015
Head light stay on when key is out press brake and they will go off

Harry hartley
April 2015
citroen berlingo duel fuel battery drain need to pull out f1 shunt fuse at night t stop drain .also hazard warning lights come on, on there wont work on switch mot fail anyone no what problem is

donald budge
June 2013
Help my engine overheats told I will need a new cpu can anybody help

worry man
June 2012
citroen dispatch washers stopped working but wipers still work changed the motor but still not working checked fuse under bonnet ok checked other fuses under steering rack as i was told one of those might be linked but they all look good anyone got any ideas thanks

anthony shaw
March 2012
I have the same problem with my van as Chris - o/s side light and o/s rear light not working! Can anyone please help us out?

Dan O.
January 2012
my citroen belingo 1.9 d was running good. then i tried to start it and nothin happend. iv had the battery tested and starter and they are both good. but will go off a tow,but no soon has you turn it off and try to start it straight away it still will not start can any one help.

January 2012
i have berlingo van need to fix rear light
it comes on when i brake but the standred rear light
isnt working

i have put the proper bulb in so it isnt that

December 2011
I have Citroen Berlingo 2007 1.4 and have a electrical problem which started recently. The car wont start all instruments dash lights come on and headlights even when key is out so have to disconect the battery and when connect try to start same thing happens, also when open drivers door lights come on. Does any know whats the problem? Thanks

August 2011
There is a 7.5amp fuse brown coloured in the fuse box under the steering wheel its in the top row and to the right this fuse blows when the washer pump is over worked but when it blows it causes the dash lights to malfunction and also the problem where you have to rev the engine to get the wipers, indicators.etc to work changing the fuse solves the problem.

February 2011
which fuse is washer fuse on berlingo van

mick notts
May 2010
I have gone through a large puddle of water at about 5/10 mph when i reached other side i had clouds of white smoke from exhaust and now no power, doesn't start at all but all lights on dash come on? any ideas please :)

April 2010
I have same problem. Windscreen, heater and indicators don’t work until you get up to 3000 revs, then a battery light flickers and alls back to normal.

Fuses far as I can tell are fine, not sure?

January 2010
My 2001 Berlingo Multispace developed 3 faults
wipers, indicaters,and heater all packed up at the same
time. In the morning the battery was dead, nothing.
Is this related to the icy weather ? Everything else
is working. Battery now on charge, might it reset it's
self. Battery is good but was slowing with the freeze.
Any help, has this happened to anyone else ? PETE

January 2010
citroen berlingo multispace 1.8 petrol 2001 problem with instruments / fuel gauge reading full.rev counter not working.milage jumped up over 50.000 miles please can you tell me wheather all these are connected ?

February 2009
This is what is happening to me, ek - Help 1.9D Berlingo - Wipers/washers/Fan/dash interior lights non operational - save oil n airbag all out - engine starts OK then if I rev the engine up to/over 3000rpm and "ping" all systems are OK all fuses in the engine and cabin compartments look - the fuse layout dosent match the handbook ? any clues................

January 2009
I Have a berlingo, the passenger rear light along with the number plate light decide to work when they feel like it.

I have noticed that lights on the 3 heater/fan speed dials go out at the same time.

They usualy work when i start the van, then go out a few second after

Can anyone HELP !!

Gavin Parsons
January 2009
Same happened to me, told that i needed a new cpu, at a full cost of €1300 all in. Ha, boiled down to a single 5 amp fuse (€0.45 each), which we found out ourselves, after the local dealer was not able to find and correct the problem. (but charged us all the same)
Switch on the engine, rev up to 3000rpm all systems should work again, if so check fuse number F27 (screen washer water motor), this could be the cause. If it is, keep a supply of them, much cheeper than a new cpu! Then just to check, engine off, remove the fuse, restart engine, if old problems come back, this is my answer.

December 2005
Ian is right ...I ran into same problem with a cadillac and called tech line and thats what they told me and it worked !

December 2005
Find it fit is the main control Relay which controls ancillary functions is an ECU in effect...learn that this is what these Manufacturers are trying to do ..blind you with Science and create expensive Headaches..that will cost you..Where previously there was none.....

December 2005
Found out what it was, the CPU had stopped working. Solution was disconnect the battery and connect both cables together (+to-), this will drain the CPU, leave them connected for about 10 minutes. Then reconnect the battery, the CPU should then go back to the factory preset and all your electrics should be working.

Ian Cameron
November 2005


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