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What is wrong with my Land Rover?

I have a 1999 Land Rover Freelander Desiel. I just had the winter check done. Now if I don't go out and drive it everyday it might not start. Then I will have to jump it off. When it do start it's hard to get it going. But afterwards I have no other problems even if I turn it off, it will start back right away like it should. Could you please tell me what you might think it could be. I test the battery and I had a new starter put on.

January 2009
starts first time every day but very hard to start after that just had a service and all pumps are ok

paul h
February 2010
a mate of mine had the same problem with his range rover 2.5 dse.I begged him to change his glow plugs and put on a better battery,after two call outs from the R A C he finaly did as I asked and it worked
Cost £135.00 for the battery
£50.00 for the glow plugs

April 2009


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