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Land rover freelander door locked won't open?

Hi, x reg Freelander rear door wont open on the fob taken the door card out and the rest apart, the link arm moves but doesn't do anything and there is only one (not seperate lock and catch) any body any ideas how to unlock it so the door can be opened and the unit changed?

Sammy the recovery driver
November 2008
buy a citroen

July 2010
Remove multiplug from lock assy. then try again.

April 2009
you need a new locking unit from landrover £80
unit is sold complete very common fault rear window regulators are common fault too

December 2008
I'm having the same problem. Front driver's door is locked shut. Neither the central locking nor key will release the catch. Taken the trim off and felt around inside. There is a lever attached to the lock assembly which moves but doesn't release the door

Any ideas?

Lee Frander
December 2008


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