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How can I clear messages on my tevion V2i digital cordless telephone ?

My answer phone is full, I can not find the manual to my tevion V2i twin digital cordless telephone. How can I clear unwanted messages. It has become difficult to receive new messages.

October 2008
Long time ago but, did you get an answer to this question?

November 2010
According to the manual,

Step 1
Press the menu/ok button ONCE then the up arrow button ONCE.
The display shows MAIN MENU > Answ. Machine

Step 2
Press the MENU/OK button.
Display shows ' AnswMachine>Play

Step 3
Press the MENU/OK button
> the first new message or if non, the first old message will play.
* Use the up or down arrow buttons to adjust the speaker volume.
* Press PHONE button to play message through handset.

Step 4
Press the MENU/OK button then press 'dpwm arrow' or 'up arrow' buttons to control the playback menu:
- Repeat
- Next Message
- Prev. Message
- Delete
- Delete all.

Use the BACK button to exit the menue or press HANG UP to go to standby mode.

November 2008

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