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How can I manually drain my Indesit W855? ?

Indesit W855 washing machine stopped in the spin cycle, half full of water. Didn't drain and shifting it to different cycles didn't do anything either. Changed the fuse in the plug, this made it make strange grindy noises but still no drain. There's no access panel on the front and the instruction manual says it has a self cleaning pump and so shouldn't require maintenance. It's at least 2 years old. Sigh

October 2008
there are no kick panel on the indesit w855 it is all solid mate

ron 1
March 2010
Thanks Dannyboy - hair scruncies it was... curse my long flowing locks! (and I promise I'm careful about emptying pockets too!)

All working now, clean towells hurrah! :~)

October 2008
Self cleaning such beast.
Drain machine by running the outlet pipe into a bucket at floor level.
Check the filter unit for blockages.Filter generally located behind a panel at the foot of the machine.Some are obvious like little square hatches and some are hidden behind the trim panel at the foot of the machine. Once panel is removed the filter should be visible. Its generally a circular plastic fitting which unscrews in an anticlockwise direction. Some hotpoint, indesit and ariston filters are located in the big black sump hose (the one that leaves the bottom of the outer drum and connects to the pump). Remove the back cover, locate hose, remove the tensioner clip by squeezing the tabs together, remove the hose, take out filter and clean.
Disconnect pump from sump hose and check for obstruction in either item. Pump removal: power off, remove cover, locate pump, (attached to other end of drain pipe).undo 2 wiring connections, 2 hose connections, and pump mounting screws. Remove pump chamber - some are held in with screws, others clip into place. Check for foreign objects round the impeller - hair clips or scrunchies are the usual suspects. If pump chamber is clear, may be a fault with the pump motor - in which case, replace.
Check out

October 2008


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