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Resetting my Car Alarm?

How do I reset my Cobra Car Alarm? I cannot start my car because the key will not open the door and the engine does not start. I am driving a 1998 Audi A4 TDi.

John P Sutton
October 2008
As per another thread on here. I have same problem but have not tried it yet. GOOD LUCK and fingers crossed!

"Do you have the remote with two grey buttons or has it got one yellow and one green?

If the first with two grey buttons then this is probably what you need to do.
Assuming the remote appears to work, ie the light comes on.

Press and hold both buttons together, the light will flash as you do this, wait till the light goes off (about 10sec) let go of the buttons and the light will come back on, press the larger of the two buttons, the light will flash then go off, press the same button again and it should arm/disarm.
If its the other type with the green and yellow buttons it may be a build up of carbon on the PCB, open it up and clean where the button makes contact with something that wont damage the circuit, or possibly need reprogramming."

December 2008

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