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How do I stop the phone BT Freelance XD 550 from beeping non stop?

How do i stop the phone on base one from beeping constantly? I have tried unplugging both plugs form the back, deleted messages and pressed every button until my fingers became numb!

August 2008
It indicates that the base unit is faulty and needs replacing. I know, it happened to mine. There's nothing you can do, or any button you can press that will fix it.

November 2010
if you have found out, how does anyone else get to know I have same problem this is from mar 2009 yours 2008?? I assume you,v fixed or got rid of it

keith rowntree
April 2009
I don't know if this will help or not - it is not mentioned in the manual - but on the right hand side of the base are four buttons labeled from the top: Find, Skip, Stop, Skip. If, when the phone is inactive and you are not playing a message, you press the bottom Skip button, you will get a message saying "message alert on" or message alert off". If you then press the button and hold it down for several seconds, it will reverse the setting. So if by any chance your phone at the moment is set to "message alert on", maybe reversing this will stop the perpetual bleep.

August 2008


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