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My combi boiler is heating the radiators when the central heating isn't on?

British Gas have told me I need to Powerflush my combi boiler as the radiators are turning on when the system is running and heating water for the taps.
Is this the case or is it a gimmick that once I have the system flushed they will charge me for something else?
If the system suffers from scale build up how does it affect the central heating radiator pipes?
Thanks all!

August 2008
British Gas make a lot of money promoting powerflushes//don't be conned by them,they are excellent salesmen//

November 2008
Thanks for the feedback Rick....I couldn't understand how flushing the system would have solved the problem??

August 2008
Your diverter valve is stuck in the open sort this out you will need a REPUTABLE heating engineer...not just a plumber!!! The diverter valve will have to be either removed and serviced or replaced... either operation is not cheap.

August 2008


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