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Belling Microwave BEL CJSS25 no longer heating food?

Belling Microwave BEL CJSS25 no longer heating food.....

Does anyone have the same problem ? or know what it is likely to be ?

Everything else on the microwave works fine except it doesn't heat food, just over 12 months too, gutted.

August 2008
ophelia is spot on - its the big fuse in a plastic tube connected to the red cable at the side of the transformer

October 2011
Perhaps an element has gone, best thing to do would be to get a free quote from a domestic electrical engineer and go find the part yourself and fit it? If you feel able.

March 2011
It's a big fuse that connects the transformer at the bottom to the capacitor that sits next to it, it's housed in a plastic case on a red nylon surrounded wire. The fuse is 5KV 0.8A.

December 2010
Same problem here. And belling have thoughtfully made 2 of the 5 screws on the back of a bespoke nature, designed to not fit any standard screwdrivers or allan keys. May have to resort to a hacksaw....

September 2009
I have exactly the same problem with the same model Belling microwave. Mine is 23 months old. Sorry, but I have no answer. It might be a type fault. I'm going to try Belling to see if I can get any satisfaction from them.

September 2008
Check any internal fuses - there will probably be at leat two, one will be a large ceramic fuse - if it's blown, replace it. If it blows again, then odds are some part fo the HV circuit is dead/damaged. Unless you're happy with messing around and fault finding that, it's probably best to replace the microwave or get it serviced...

August 2008


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