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how to obtain a replacement part?

A D17 exchange body is required for a Braun A D17 exchange body is required for:-
BRAUN ORALB D17 525 type 4736

Availability and cost details please

June 2008
A replacement handle for your toothbrush is available for a complete cost of £25. I am An authorised Braun agent and stock these handles, we would actually upgrade your handle to the latest machine for no extra charge. If this is of any use please call me.

BRAUN SERVICE 01273 734424

October 2008
How much does the upgraded handle cost?

teresa tumilty
August 2008
my philips sonicare elite e7000 has broken, the power button has fallen apart & have only had the toothbrush since Christmas, am very disappointed as it cost quite alot of money

teresa tumilty
August 2008
I am a authorised Braun Service agent and can supply an upgraded handle for your toothbrush. The product is of course is new and genuine. For more details you can call me during normal office hours on 01273 734424, thanks Jason

Jason Tipler
June 2008


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