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Daewoo american fridge freezer ice maker problem?

my ice maker does not empty when frozen and refill

carol back
May 2008
Try they have fixed mine a few times only if you are in the london area.

August 2013
freezer not freezing in top half and ice box , tried defrosting for air circulation

August 2013
If you have an ice maker in the Daewoo model FRS2031 then you have a plastic tray that rotates to empty its contents. During the rotation the ice tray bends and the ice pops out.
The problem is that the ice tray is not strong enough and after some time the end of it breaks due to the stresses. I have tried to source the tray on its own but not yet found any. The complete assembly costs nearly £80 which is a rip off just for a plastic tray.
I fixed my first problem by reinforcing the end with the lug. Later on the other end broke due to the twisting action.

September 2010
Did you find the solution to this problem? I have it too.

April 2010
have the same problem any 1 help

June 2008


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