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glass repalcement for patio coffee table?

The tempered, smoked 1/4" thick oval glass was broken, and I need a replacement. The coffee table is 39" X 23" oval. The collection is Better Homes and Gardens SunBridge which included two chairs, one love seat and oval coffee table. I need the top replaced from the manufacturer

Dan Patterson
March 2008
We have a Better Homes & Garden 56" x 36" glass table that needs the rubber bumpers that keep legs from scratching glass. Do you carry them? There are 4 corner ones. Would appreciate help. Thanks,

Diana Hibberd
July 2012
This happened to us last year. you can take the table to your local glass repair place and they will charge you a LOT of money to replace the glass for you, or you can do as we did. We went to the local big box hardware store and got a piece of plywood (this store cut it to size for us) and some L-brackets.
We screwed the brackets to the plywood and then fastened the plywood to the frame of the table. We got a piece of pretty oil cloth for a table cover and that worked fine for us for the rest of the summer.

Lauren Gallagher
April 2008


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