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my dvd player wont come out of standby this happend after a power cut?

it wont come out of standby the make of the dvd player is proline dvd2000 regon 2

allan williams
October 2003
This may not have anything to do with the power cut. My DVD player would not come out of standby untill I pressed a combonation of buttons

January 2005
My guess would be something other then the power supply got damaged. Usually this problem is caused by a communication error between the various IC's on the board.

June 2004
hello dude .
It sounds like you have blown the surge protector on the power supply.
if you take it along to a local tv dealer, ask for a quote and explain what happened (power cut).

it will be a simple job for him to rectify ...may be only charge labour ?


December 2003


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