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Microsoft word?

Same as Bob UK
1. Getting rid of read only word file. All others can be edited or deleted the word app was already on my Galaxy A6 so can't be uninstalled only force stop or disable but warns it might effect other apps.

2. Other help searches say 'right click on file' how when tablet has no mouse?
It a New Galxy A6 tablet presented as present.

I never put a protect on any of my files I move ones to keep to external drive via laptop or save to sd card.

Thank you.

January 2019
Well that was a waste of time telling ascap name of file and location WORD

January 2019
The device/Tablet Samsung Galaxy A6 new Christmas present
Word already loaded on and cannot be uninstalled only disabled or force stopped.
The doc name is $400 but that doesn't make a difference
As stated a Word doc so in word list of docs
This one is READ ONLY cant delete keeps telling me 'You don't have permision to delete this file . Tried the press hold to right click it did not reveal any menu.
I accidently click attachment in email while distracted clearing it.
Email cleared doc found in Word and cannot delete.
The word app is Not read only as all other docs can be dealt with normally delete, save edits.

January 2019
What is the name of the file? Where is it located?

January 2019


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