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Resistor R15 value for Potterton Ignition Control Unit Part No.407677?

Does anyone know the resistor R15 value for a Potterton Control Unit Part No.407677 which has partly burnt out, so missing the 3rd. colour code band! I have Brown/Black/....../Gold.

I too had the senario of my Potterton Profile 60e attemting to startup, that is, the fan continually cycling on & off, but by replacing Capacitor C7 (22uF.), now ALL OK! Thank you very much!!

Andrew P
April 2015

Need to mend your Potterton home heating system?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Hi this was an invaluable post for me like several people I too had the senario of my Potterton Profile 80e attempting to startup, that is, the fan continually cycling on & off, but by replacing Capacitor C7 (22uF.), now ALL OK! Thank you very much!!

I found the best way to do it was testing the capacitor via a cheap multimeter with capacitor testing capabilities Model N59Lk cost £14.99 from maplins . Although the capacitor was still functioning the reading was v low compared with a new capacitor . Simply replaced it and hey Presto - Thanks for the great post just thought I'd add my experience . Ps This is the second PCB unit that I've had in the boiler which is about 10 years old . The last pcb cost me about £140 so this fix ( hopefully if it lasts has saved me over 100 quid )

May 2015

R15 is 100k ¼W (Brown Black Yellow) and is located next to Relay RL2. It is prone to overheating and you might replace it with 100k ½W.

While you have it apart replace the electrolytic capacitors C4 & C7 both 22uF 63V and C6 4.7uF at 63V. Be sure to observe the polarity of the capacitors and get them the right way round ±.

These capacitors are prone to degradation due to being in an over warm environment all the time. Electrolytic capacitors can be badly affected by heat. Try to get the same or higher voltage rating (but not lower) and 105 ºC temperature rating for longer reliability/life or at least 85 ºC.

An article here tells all about it - with expanding pictures.

I believe that R15 is placed across the gas valve as a bleed resistor to help the valve close more quickly - as such it takes current as long as the gas valve is open - a burnt R15 is a feature of this PCB - they all burn in time and is nothing much to worry about. I think the boiler will work even without R15 in circuit - the gas valve will just close more slowly

All these components are available very cheaply from a hobby electronics shop like Maplins in the UK.

Good luck...
April 2015

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Dec 2019

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