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Accenta 8 alarm tamper light?


Hi, please can anyone help

I have a ADE Accenta 8 alarm mini, on the keypad it says Accenta+. The keypad version I have does not have a digital display

I came home from work today and the alarm was not set - the tamper light was showing and also the power light. There has been no security breach, and no power cut

I can press buttons, but it just beeps at me. I tried 9999 and 0123. The 9999 did register, and pressing reset caused the daytime light to come on, but the tamper light did not disappear. Aside from the code 9999, no other code is registering.

The main control unit, located away from the keypad in a cupboard has not been disturbed, It has a power light, and on close inspection tonight this red power light looks a little dull, although it is lit.

Does the main power unit have some sort of battery inside?

I was worried about opening the front of the main unit in case I set the alarm off and can't stop it, but if there is a battery I need to know what it looks like so I can buy one & replace it

I am hoping that it is something I can fix myself as although an alarm man deserves to make an honest wage to be honest I just had to pay £300 for an MOT today so this alarm thing has thrown me in a quandary & I'm fretting a bit!

Any advise would be gratefully received

Thanks in advance!

June 2014

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

You very welcome :)

e manno
July 2014

Really appreciate your advise, thank you

I've ordered a Yuasa 1.2A/ 12V from Amazon (£10) on your advise :D

I'm hoping as a novice that I can change a blooming battery (I have just downloaded the engineer's installation guide for the alarm just in case)

thanks again for taking the time to reply to me

July 2014

Replace the battery contained within the control panel :)

Turn mains power off to the panel before you open it up there should be an unswitched spur so you can pop the fuse out of there.

Fit New battery switch mains back on then check the programming Inc part sets etc.

Mains off before you open the panel.... Be safe :)

e manno
July 2014

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