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Question - mend, repair, fix

Re Triton 300si?

Thanks toptrish and A1.
I have a (ballofix type) isolation valve - such an obvious way to reduce the flow-rate if necessary but I never thought of it! - but should I have to do that?
I have a multimeter so, presumably, I need to switch on the shower at hottest and measure the current - about 40A you say - will have to check how to do that - tend to use it mainly for continuity or voltage. Also what is a stepper motor, does this shower have one and, if so, what do I do?

Tony Lee
January 2014

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

You can't test that amount of power with a multimeter,is your multimeter an analogue type or digital, if digital the resistance can be checked,if analogue a circuit will have to do.
on top of the heater tank are 4 connections 2 are bonded together just test the left 2 with meter on ohms setting to see if there's a circuit, at the bottom of tank there is a cut out with 2 blue wires,test for continuity.
the stepper motor is on the right it controls the amount of water flowing through the heat exchanger, the only way you can test it is by turning the temperature dial up and down to see if the water flow changes.
log onto www.showerspares .com then spares and locate your shower this will show a blown up view of your shower

January 2014

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Electric shower cycles hot and then cold. Any ideas how to fix this?

My Triton t100xr electric shower keeps alternating hot and then cold water. Every time the shower goes cold the 'low pressure' light turns on. Water pressure seems normal. Also tried cleaning the shower head and flexible pipe, and changing the thermal cut-off device, but this made no difference. ...

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can a single pump be used on hot supply?

Hi my name is warren I am an electrician I occassionally have to do bits of plumbing, A job im on has 2 triton single impeler pumps feeding 1.5 bar cold water to 2 electric showers, both over a bath, one set up in each bathroom I need to do a bit of pipework as I am going to do away with the 2 el...

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triton shower - water cuts off?

My Triton Enrich shower works fine for about 5 minutes then the water cuts off. If left for a bit off time it works again for a few minutes then the same again. Any suggestions...

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Triton opal temperature control?

Hi when I have my shower on hot setting the temperature control knob is no longer letting me alter the water temperature , is this an easy fix , thanks , padster...

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How can i fix my Triton Opal shower?

Whilst showering last night the shower suddenly stopped the power light was on and the low pressure light was also on ,I checked all the taps in the house no low pressure, every time I switch the shower on the power light shows then I press the shower button it flicks to the low pressure light. any...

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Triton t30 hand washer?

I have fitted 2 triton t30 handwashers & both keep dripping . How do I stop this ?...

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problem re triton shower showing low pressure?

Dont have a question as I seem to have found answer today on this lovely site. thanks to all. I just need trustworthy plumber who will not charge the norm of £66 per half hour to fix it. I think I need C3 capacitor and possibly new pulley switch....

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Triton T100xr fault?

My shower keeps cutting in and out.... sometimes it stays on and wont turn off unless i flick the main breaker switch... Can it be fixed or is a new one required?...

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Just saved myself £99. Many thanks for the solution. Took 2 minutes.

May 2020

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