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boiler problem?

hi i have a Potterton suprima boiler - i have had a new gas valve put on and also new circuit board put on - this costing me nearly 350 pound x the boiler worked for about two hours and is now not working again - it ignites for about 3 seconds then it is just going of - it is flashing a amber/green light - i am all out of what to do now x i am a single mum on my own and have no heating

December 2012

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I think Kevin's contribution is another question rather than an answer for you.

I have a prejudice that boiler engineers (Gas Safe in the UK) as a group - tend to lack diagnostic skills they may be OK with issues of safety but too many of them tend to guess and swap out parts willy-nilly at the customer's expense.

Gas Valve and a circuit board replaced? At the same time? The engineer is taking advantage of you - it would be a remarkable coincidence for both of them to have failed at the same time - he will have your "broken" items as spares in the back of his van.

Contact trading standards and make a fuss - complain to the scallywag who charged you £350 - ask for your money back.

Seek out an alternative and different engineer - challenge him to fix your problem as cheaply as possible - do not accept the excuse - "it's gone I'm afraid lady."

Ask what has "gone" what is wrong with what - how does he know? What if he's wrong?

I do not know boilers very well - no skills or experience. If the boiler runs for a short tie and then cuts out i would suspect that it's overheating or that it thinks it's overheating. That would suggest the pump not moving the heated water away -or- the overheat cut-out operating prematurely.

A competent engineer 'should' be able to make a quick and accurate diagnosis - a cowboy will just change things on spec.

Do not let the boiler-man intimidate you - if you're unhappy with his work tell him so and withold payment until you get satisfaction and some heating.

Good luck...

December 2012

worcester greenstar 28i junier blue flshing light saying
volatile lockout ?????????????

December 2012

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Help wanted!
I had the same problem. Great result!! Thanks to all.

May 2020

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