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how can i fix my lights?

I have a Volvo V40 cd and when i turn the lights on at night to see the dash it doesn't work the dash goes out and i have to put the full beam switch on to make the dash come on. If i fiddle with the light switch and get the dash to light up the lights then go out on the car

October 2010

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Volvo V40 1.9d 52 plate wont start!!?

Hi, I have recently bought a volvo v40 52 plate 1.9d, excellent car and I am very happy. However earlier today I was sat at some lights... turned green... went to pull away and vehicle cut out. Attempted to restart nothing, attempted a restart whilst lifting clutch to pull away, turning over...

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why wont my car rev up properly?

ive got little bits of metal in my fuel filter on my volvo 2004 deisel s40 se.its it lacks power wont rev above 2500 wont go faster than 60 mph why...

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how do i remove battery volvo v40?

have located a plastic clip which retains battery but cant move it. should it be pushed down, pulled up or ?...

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whats wrong with my car automatic s reg volvo v40?

firstly was sluggish in the morning. engine started well then when took foot off gas to stop at junction or slow down to turn corner there would be delay in accelerating of 5-8 secs. once travelled about 1 mile or less car is fine last few weeks starts well first problem persists. but when engin...

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Rear lights problem (VOLVO 480 TURBO)?

Hi When I indicate left or right all my rear lights light up and flash like a christmas tree can anyone please tell me what to look for?...

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how can i fix my volvo 850?

it will turn over but will not fire up i have been told it his the coil pack or the crank senseor can u help thank...

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How can i fix my volvo 850 1993?

my volvo 850 20valve has always been an excellent starter. Itried it one day and it just turned over but would not fire up.I,ve replaced distributer cap and roter arm....

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how do i disable an immobilser?

i have a volvo 440 and the battery went flat, after a few repairs to the car i put a new battery on charged it up and tried to start the car, however the immobilser is stuck on and i cant get it off, any answers will be thankful...

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Can't believe the method worked, but it really did! Thank you.

Dec 2019

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