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Remeha Avanta plus - no heating but still have hot water?

Just turned on my Remeha Avanta plus boiler after the summer and the heating will not work. the hot water is fine though. The control/thrmostat downstairs says the heating is on..but its not. there are no eroor messages on the boiler, however do flash the numbers 5 and 8 occationally - but do not have the error 'E' in front so there are no trouble shooters included in the guide? anyone know what i should do?

September 2010

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hi radiators not heating properly for last couple of days ,then worked perfect last night & now not working again , boiler sounds as if its firing up then turning off again display is going frm showing 2 dots to 1 on & off .....any ideas ? thnx Donna

donna dickson
February 2014

there is no hot water nor heating system in the boiler isn't working what might the problem

john john
November 2012

Just managed to fix mine, here are the details in case it helps...

I have a wireless heating controller, even though the batteries were working they were very low powered. Also I found that my new wireless router was interfering with the wireless on the heating controller. So the steps I took as follows,

1. moved controller nearer the boiler
2. remove batteries from controller
3. turned off power to the boiler at the fuse spur.
4. turned fuse spur back on
5. pressed the reset switch until I saw the light flash red for a second time.
6. put new batteries into the controller
7. Let the boiler finish its start up cycle (approx. 3 minutes)
8. turned heating up on controller and then turned heating on.
9. once it all came on turned heating back down to correct temperature and all was fine.

hope this helps someone

Kevin Nelson
October 2010

I have exactly the same error, I was told to remove the batteries from the timer then press the reset button on the boiler(the one on the round disk front left) and hold it until I saw the second flash and then put the batteries back in the timer. Did not work for me but may be worth a try for you

Kevin Nelson
October 2010

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Remaha Anvantis Plus, there is not error message flashing and the pressure is over one bar - I have also bled all the rads but they still don't hear up. The hot water is working though?!...

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The code is E4 and the boiler isn't firing up. Can you help? Bob...

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Hi I have just had my boiler serviced in November and since , it keeps losing pressure down to 0 everyday, today I refilled and reset and it went over pressure , the radiators just seem to be doing their own thing , no error code is coming up at all and it is not taking instruction from the receiver...

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E5 Error on Remeha Avanta Plus boiler?

We have a Remeha Avanta Plus boiler that is about 5 years old. It has started flashing an E5 error. I have had an engineer out 3 times and he has serviced the boiler, and replaced the part according to the book that refers to the error: Description - No ionisation or ionisation failure more tha...

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Remeha Avanta Plus 28c no hot water but still have heating?

Hi, We have no hot water we turn on the taps. The boiler does not display the number 4 inferring it is not even calling for it. We still have central heating. The boiler is not displaying any error codes either. Any ideas as to what it could be?...

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