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Question - mend, repair, fix

no heating/hot water (Worcester Greenstar 24i combination boiler)?

We have Greenstar 24i Junior combination boiler - but this morning as soon as i walked into bathroom knew something was wrong - it was freezing, no hot water or heating - reset button flashing red and fault indicator (blue light) flashing, also pressure gauge was on red - have added water and pressure back up. tried to reset but lights still coming back on, have noticed burner indicator light not on, so have followed instructions which says hold reset button for 2 seconds but still no change - also poured water on condensation pipe, ice then water came out - tried to reset again but same lights still showing, any suggestions would be very grateful - cheers

January 2010

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I am one of 3 people I know that have suffered the same problem in the last few days with the same boiler. It does seem to have something to do with the condensor pipe freezing up. Our boiler is on the first floor so its not very easy to get the the external pipe-work. My quick fix has been to run a hot tap, hold the reset button for a couple of seconds, then release, leave the hot tap running for a few minutes more(the water should be running hot by now), then turn the tap off. This seems to allow the boiler to keep running long enough to clear the frozen pipe after which it works fine. Hope this helps.

January 2010

thanks for your answers, we think it must be the gas as had probs with the only other gas appliance (fire in living room), did place call with British Gas this morning and soonest they can come out is Wednesday afternoon. Family have come to rescue with couple of electric heaters, and will keep boiling kettle for hot water. cheers again.

January 2010

disconnect the condense pipe inside close to the boiler you may not have toally cleared the ice you cant leave it that way but at least you will know also have you lost the gas supply to the house for any reason or are other gas appliances struggling with low pressure this could cause boiler lockout may need an engineer to verify my second thought

January 2010

still frozen then try again

January 2010

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boiler worcester 24i junior?

wont ignite seems like no gas getting through...

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auto air vent worcester 24i ?

hello ve brought a new auto air vent for worcester 24i rsf , this has a black screw/cap at the top ,is this just a dust cap to be removed on install or does it need to stay screwed tight ,thanks part number 87161405040...

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I only have heating downstairs... ?

Hi all. My heating has been a bit funny. The radiators upstairs aren't heating up at all and the ones downstairs are are only warm half way up. I've looked at my boiler and there pressure is down at 0 but I don't know how to bring it back up. I have a worcester 24i rsf-l combi. Any ideas would be a...

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worcester24i rsf?

worcester 24i rsf combi hot water when i turn hot water taps on heating is ok...

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How to stem leak from this Worcester Greenstar boiler part? ?

Currently we have a leak from our worcester greenstar 24i system mkiii boiler. I have identified the bit that is leaking but am unable to decipher what it is from the manual. Can anyone assist by identifying the part in question please? It is a black piece of plastic with a grey screw tap on the top...

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Worcester 24i?

Pressure is OK it fires up but no heating or hot water ant suggestions...

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Worcester 24i combination boiler pressure loss?

Had fan changed, PCB board changed, internal blockage due(manifold changed) water pressure sensor changed. Now the water pressure drops, every day, and steady flashing light appears. Both water and heating fail. I top it back up and it does work again, but for how much longer. Any ideas on root...

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How can I stop my Worcester 24i from building up too much pressure ?

My Worcester 24i combi boiler has just started to build up pressure beyond the blow off valve setting (IE. in excess of 3 bars). I thought the filling loop may be passing, so I disconnected it but the same thing happened. I drained the system in case there was an air lock somewhere but still the boi...

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Dec 2019

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