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fix error code e133 boiler resets but fails regulary ?

error code e133 keeps happening at least once a day 3 times today can you help boiler is a Potterton

January 2010

Need to mend your Potterton home heating system?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

It would seem after not using my heating over the summer that my baxi duo tec boiler is showing the error code e133 , I've tried everything that I can think of but the ignition flame light just isn't coming on, I've just put £35 on the gas meter so between the gas meter and the ignition flame coming on there is a fault.. suggestions anyone?

October 2016

We had this problem. Running the hot water tap whilst pressing the reset button the boiler ignited and has remained working.

Andy T
January 2016

my baxi duo tech combi he range boiler showing e133 code. some one had a look at it and said I have to change the circuit. is that the only solution?

January 2015

Had the same code on baxi duo tec .Spark electrode gap had closed up causing a "weak" spark.Early signs causing the burner to fire up with a "pop".Opened the gap up with pliers to get heating back on .Now running fine

Andy N
March 2011

Btw!... keep going with hot water from the kettle.
It's just takin' me a good 2 hours plus & about 15-20 kettle's full & a hot water bottle wrapped around the plastic pipe & now the Burner Light is back on.
Boiler on & working...back in business.
Ah!... the heat, joy.

Ken Doherty
December 2010

whilst cold weather can effect external condensate pipes, the original electodes distort with the heat and cause the same E133 fault, there is now a modified set of ignition electrodes which have been developed to conteract this problem. Baxi will change them free if the boiler is still under warrenty. This can be a common fault on all Baxi Potterton Band A combi boilers

April 2010

e133 code keeps cuming up the bolier will fire up for a cupall fo hours & stop . the fan is new i have had a look at the white pipe that gos form the top fo the bolier to outside looks ok

eddy holmes
January 2010

I have exactly the same fault. I have just telephoned British Gas who my contract is with and they said I would need to wait four days for a priority repair..

One kettle full of boiling water later and the boiler has fired up and the house is toasty warm. Thank you very very much all for fixing my boiler

January 2010

I had an E133 error on my Baxi today. It turned out that the condensate pipe had frozen in the cold weather. I poured a kettle full of boiling water over the external horizontal pipe and after a minute or so a load of water came out of the pipe. After resetting the boiler everything was ok.

January 2010

i take it it's a promax combi? if so your condensate pipe is most likely frozen, the white one coming out of the bottom left of the boiler, this causes ignition lockout. best to get it seen to quickly as they are known for flooding the gas valve and also damaging the fan, very pricey. if it's been happening since before the cold weather then the combustion ratio's probaly need adjusted, again a job for an engineer.

January 2010

could be your condensate drain pipe going outside is frozen.Try boling water on it.It fixed mine

Harry Risk
January 2010

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can i replace my Potterton EP2 2 way programmer with a Center EHE0200361 RF?

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Thanks for a really clear answer. It worked!

Jan 2019

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