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How do I unblock websites from Lightspeed systems? ?

My school has the website block caleld Lightspeed Systems, and I really want to get past it so I can get into gaia, gmail, youtube, sherwood, Wikipedia, and various other websites. I really want to get past this so I can have more things to do! Can someone please help me? If there is a way to get past it without a proxy, I would appericate it. (Lightspeed will not allow me onto proxy related websites.)

Thank you for you time,
Shion Himirai.

Shion Himirai
December 2009

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

(I had to replace the "at symblol" with "**")
Open notepad and type-


**echo off
**title CMD
**color 0f
setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion
goto start

set /p com=COMMAND:
if "!com!" == "cls" goto start3
goto start2

set /p com=COMMAND:
if not defined com goto start2
if "!com!" == "cls" goto start3
goto start2

set /p com=COMMAND:
goto start2


Save this as a ".bat" file (e.g.-CMD.bat)
It is highly recommended to save this file to your desktop (at school).

After you've finished saving, look online when you get home.
Look online for any command that you can use to bypass proxies and servers. (Batch commands)

When you go back to school the next day, make sure to log back on to the same computer you created the ".bat" file on.

When you open the file, it will say "COMMAND: ". This is where you enter your commands that you learned. If you enter them correctly (and the right ones), it should work.

Your welcome.
September 2014

help learn to unlock lightspeed

kevin jackson
January 2011

jail break your computer what you do is when you start up ur computer push f8 alout then click start with networking everything is unblocked

January 2011

the HTTPS is crucial, remember to add the S
This is an onion routing application, download the Tor browser or the Tor button and NOT VIDALIA. Basiacally this is like a proxy daisy chain.

It has good cred, formerly made my military, the public has taken the project.
Happy Surfing!
(also, any site that supports ssl or tls, e.g. an HTTPS address, is unblocked by lightspeed)a

January 2011

You can't unblock Lightspeed without a proxy.I tried and it still don't work.

Angila Micgumreal
December 2010

I have a similar problem, but I do know how to get gmail. You have to go to igoogle, sign in, then add gmail as an app. The one that works is the first one on the list.

October 2010

isnt this about a way to make a websit nice so light speed systems dosnt block it and instaed likes it?


May 2010

use your promt on the computer fafter your promt is open type in unblock after abou 15 minutes light speed wont work

mikey fOeszx miixtapee comiinq sOon cumm buy ihtt
May 2010

Our School which has a one-to-one tech ratio, blocks all normal search engines including google even when i take my laptop home lightspeed still blocks everything. you must use nettreker to search for everything.

The Nathanator
May 2010

my answer to the grownup guy: what makes you think that he'll listen? sheesh, my teacher actually WANTS to see an account of mine for fun since she usually can't get to my house. seriously, all you adults out there, we have to have fun sometime, and i know that there is no spyware on the site i want to go to. in fact, i've seen people from lightspeed block websites just because you can express yourself on them. here's a tip for the adults from einstein himself: IMAGINATION IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN KNOWLEDGE. you can get just as good of a life without going to college. anyways, for people trying to get past lightspeed, try finding an unblocked proxy with a good reputation and passed a test for spyware and stuff. I hope that helps, but I'm looking for help mah self... LOL.....
and to the "adults with education and jobs" again: if you call these guys idiots, then YOU can't be trusted.

Shoop da whoop's sister
April 2010

I am in a detention center and i these people give me a lap top but everything is bloked with lightspeed. i wish i new a way past it so i can get on myspae and facebook so i can talk to my freinds

February 2010


February 2010


January 2010

Wise owl you are a complete idiot. i am number 27 in my class and i use proxies to get on youtube and such all the time. i am with you bro, i really need a way to ublock lightspeed also.

Proxies Suck
January 2010

Here is how you do it:

1. Focus on your classes.
2. Get good grades
3. Graduate
4. Higher Education (College, Vocational, etc.)
5. Get a job at your school in technology.

Wise Owl
December 2009

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